Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lenor Got Married

The news took most of us by surprise. "yer all invited" she said. Saturday afternoon.  When quizzed , Lenor revealed the identity of her new partner - Dave "Daz" Fazakerley - oddly enough, from Fazakerley. many people thought this unlikely. I thought it unlikely. The nickname seemed appropriate, though. There was, however, something Not Quite Right about Daz.

Would this affect Lenor's membership of T'Go team? "Not likely" declares Lenor, although it was noted, in church, by those who attended that bit of the wedding, that she'd promised to obey.  When asked about this afterwards, all she could say was to "...mind yer own fckn business" although she did mention, after her fourth or fifth WKD of the evening that "this sort o' thing keeps 'im 'appy"

The reception was a happy affair, held in the Committee Room, upstairs at the Ferret and only descending into violence towards the end. There was no need to call the police. Injuries were mainly fairly slight. Very few remembered it the next day anyway. Sausage rolls don't make effective weapons anyway. Daz's accusation that the photographer had been "looking" at his new bride seemed to have started the fracas. A fracas was probably inevitable anyway. If it hadn't been the photographer, it would have been the vicar. or Beefburger...  or anybody....

We still needed to lose one team member, even though, the betting was that Daz wouldn't be too keen on his new love going off with a load of men for a fortnight, even though they were as apparently harmless as me, Sedge and Beefburger

We decided that a long walk would do it - sorta sort out the committed from the chaff, or the chiff from the  . It would have to be on a Sunday.  Beefburger said he had a map, Febreze giggled for some reason (may have been the voddy), Sedge announced that we'd have to be careful.

Sunday. Bright and early. Half ten. Stubbly Pike. 

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